My love affair with the sandwich

Well, let’s just say this has been a long time coming. I’ve hinted at it. I’ve made allusions. But if you haven’t picked up on it already, let me just tell it straight — the greatest love affair of my life to date has probably been with the sandwich.

Turkey? Yes please. Dijon mustard? Oh yeah. Tomatoes? Cucumber? Sprouts? Bagel sandwich? MELTED CHEESE? Yes to all of the above and more. IMG_0485
The thing that’s so great about the sandwich is its incredible potential. So much lies between those two slices of bread. I will revel in the buttery texture of a ripe avocado and the tingling spicy sensation you feel in your nostrils after applying too much Dijon mustard. When confronted with a plethora of ingredients and extra toppings, I simply just cannot say no.

Because I was an English major in college, and by nature just a very thoughtful and overly analytical person, one day as I was thinking about my love for the sandwich I asked myself: what does this mean? 

This is probably where most of you will stop reading, lean back from your computer screen, and say who is this girl? Why can’t she just enjoy a tasty sandwich without thinking too much about what it means? Go ahead, take some time to shake your head in confusion.IMG_1114
Back now? Let me just say: I can enjoy a sandwich simply for what it is.

But I also know that I love the sandwich in the same way I love life – stuffed. Full. Brimming with too many things that set your senses off. I just always want to taste and see and smell and have it all.

This all being said, I hope that my somewhat-cliched-sandwich-life-awakening moment doesn’t taint your next eating experience. I hope you don’t pause every time you take a bite and worry about whether or not you should have added the sprouts and what this does or doesn’t mean about your personality.

Just enjoy it. And above all else, please make sure you’ve got some kind of cheese on there. And maybe just a little bacon.IMG_2881