On Nesting


This has been a really busy week, and yesterday was a particularly busy day, and I moved through it step-by-step and reached the end of the day and went to bed. And then I woke up this morning and realized — I forgot to slice yesterday! Completely, utterly forgot about it. It made me a little sad realizing that I had forgotten, and that this meant that I wouldn’t “successfully” complete the entire month-long challenge of writing everyday.

But, that is the way that life works. Sometimes we have time and sometimes we are so busy that other things get in the way of what we hope to accomplish. I am telling myself this, and I know it is true, but still, a little sadness.

So I’m back today. Hello, world. I taught today with almost entirely no voice because of this cold I have (which was interesting to say the least), and now I am home and delighting in that late afternoon sunshine and cooking up some roasted chickpeas in my kitchen. I love home so much. I love its familiar rhythms and smells and corners of light. I love the way our things fill up the spaces just so, and the way that colors and patterns play off of each other. I love that we have books stacked in all kinds of places, and a kitchen that is always busy.

I grew up in a bright yellow house with a blue door and it set my life on course irreversibly. I lived in that house for my entire childhood, through high school, and it was the home I returned to throughout college. It is a magical place, and it is full of patterns, colors, seashells, books, cooking pans, ceramic chickens, inspirational quotes, patterned rugs, and collected assortments of old knick-knacks. It is full, a house brimming. And it is certainly full of life. Our parents instilled in us at an early age a love of home — the physicality of home and the essence of home, what it feels like, what it means in your heart. And each of us (I am the oldest of three), have taken that sense of home with us and carried it into the new spaces we’ve carved out in our lives. It manifests itself differently for each of us, but for all three, I know that we have created and shaped our homes in ways that feel familiar, comfortable, warm, and true to ourselves. I have an unreasonable affinity for the material things that make up my home, because they were chosen with such care and because they have meaning.

So today, on a day like many others, I am sitting in my kitchen and feeling grateful for all of these little things that I come home to everyday. And today, I wanted to share some of those little pieces and slices of home with you all. Here it is, my nest.





  1. I did miss you yesterday! I love your “nesting” slice and the beautiful pictures. A home without books seems rather lonely to me, so glad to see your shelves! I love that very first picture especially! See you tomorrow!

  2. I agree! My home is also a cornucopia of things that are insignificant but beautiful to me. (Also, I love the imagining of the yellow house with the blue door!) I am glad I’m not the only one who loves to snuggle into her nest and stay there! 🙂

  3. If I had it my way, I would never leave my home. I have everything I need here and more. It’s nice to read that other people feel the same way.

  4. You have a lovely home! I love making my various places I have lived in my “home”. It’s my safe haven. I know how it feels to miss a day. You are disappointed, I know, but you didn’t give up. You’re back at it today. That speaks to your character! 🙂

  5. Gorgeous space! So glad you’re back to slicing today. I always have a couple of days during the challenge where it’s evening and I suddenly realize, I forgot to slice! If you add one extra at the end, you’ll still have 31!

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