Slice of Spring


Today is spring! Yipee!

In all truthfulness, spring is actually my least favorite season (shh, spring you didn’t hear that). I am a summer baby, and the spring just always feels to me like it can’t quite get itself together. It’s cold, it’s warm, it snows a foot, it’s warm. I always want the spring to be entirely beautiful and hopeful, but it’s not. Spring is a fighter though, I’ll give it that, and on the days where it is finally sunny and beautiful and hopeful, I am grateful and happy. I say yes, spring. You rock.

But most of the time, I look out my window, put on the winter sweater that I am so over at this point, and trudge out into the weary grey.

Today, with its sunshine and warmer temperatures here in New England was a good kick-off for spring. Spring showed up today.

In the thought-cloud of spring and blooming things, I picked up some extra flowers at the grocery store. I wasn’t always a flowers-around-the-house person but I have become one in the past couple years, and now I just love them. They brighten everything. And when you can’t count on spring to show up every day outside, at least flowers inside bring a little cheer. Here are some photos of some I have around my apartment currently. Happy spring all! May she show up early and often.









  1. Happy Spring. I know the word is April, but I always thought one should say “spring is the cruelest season”. You are so right about the changes. I’ve been grabbing more and more warm weather clothes. I love your spreading the flowers round your home!

  2. I’ve never experienced spring like you describe it. Spring is always warm (or hot) or cool, but never really cold. That’s maybe why I love Spring! Love the flowers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Don’t tell anyone…but my least favorite season is spring too! It is too unpredictable! But I will agree that flowers do seem to make it a little more tolerable! Happy spring to you!

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