I saw this posting on a fellow Slice of Lifer’s page yesterday and wanted to try it out today. It seems like this is a blogging technique that is perhaps much more common than I realize? But regardless, I liked the idea, the quickness of it. It feels truly like a slice of life.

And so, currently I am…

Reading: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. We are teaching it in 6th grade right now, and I think the last time I read this book was when I was in elementary school. Everyone should and must read it again — even if you’re not a teacher. It is so powerful and important.

Drinking: Lots of tea! I woke up with a sore throat and achey body this morning. Boo sickness, I have no time for you.

Planning: On catching up with my best friend this weekend who is in town, and then spending my Sunday lesson planning for the week.

Thinking: A lot of worries and wonderings about the world (can you tell, from my last couple posts) — I want to find a way to continue thinking about these things but also not wear them always so heavily on my heart and mind.

Feeling: A little more rested because I just indulged in a glorious afternoon nap.

Listening to: I am all about this group called The Staves this week. They are three rockin’ sisters and I can’t get enough of their beautiful harmonies.

Loving: The sunlight coming into my bedroom right now.

Looking forward to: April, and hopefully with it, some sweet spring.

Happy Friday friends and fellow Slicers!


  1. I enjoy reading these when someone uses the form. It sounds like a very good day. Have fun with your friend and a wonderful weekend!

  2. I haven’t used this format yet this year, but love the quick glimpse it gives. Glad you got that nap, best restorative ever. I love Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry. It’s such a powerful book. I love the pics on the side of the blog.

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