Seeking Full Expression

Today I was having a conversation with a wonderful mentor of mine, and was talking to him about the choices we make in our careers — where to teach, why we teach, how we figure it all out. I feel like a lot of days I am worried about doing enough, about contributing positively to the world to my fullest human extent, and he threw out this beautiful expression of words. It went something like this:

“In the course of a fully expressed life, you have time to do it all.”

In a society that is often quick to define our lives by our careers, I thought this was incredibly profound and well, just helpful. It made me feel like there is time (much time), and that the happenings and actions and movements we make in the sidelines should be given just as much credit as shapers of our identities and of our lives as our jobs do.

Who are we in the corners, cracks, and sidelines of our fully expressed selves?

I know that I am a cook. A list-maker. A sister. A large cup of coffee in the morning drinker. I am a book collector and a flowers-around-the-house admirer. I am an ally and a friend and a change-seeker. I am all of these things and many more in the course of this thus far fully expressed life, but I hope to be even more. Luckily, there’s time for that.





  1. It’s funny, I had a similar conversation today with a friend. We used to work together and life was so frenetic back then. Now she is a young working mom and she has learned to take things a little more in stride. She said she often thinks back to how differently she put the emphasis on things. We do all have the time, we just need to embrace it! Thanks for your post.

  2. When reading your post, I wondered how it would be if when someone asked “what do you do”, you answered “I am a cook and a list maker. And you said it with happiness and pride. I enjoyed thinking about all that people do, besides their paying jobs.Thanks!

  3. Love your reflections here…you are spot-on! Our resume is not who we are, it’s a small part of who we are. Keep that in mind and in perspective, and you’ll be doing just fine in life!

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