Happiness is:

When I am blogging, I usually like to have some kind of image to go with my words, but I didn’t take any pictures today and on top of that, I feel like it would be a good moment to just let the words speak for themselves. And so, on a perfectly average, wonderfully normal Saturday, I give you a list of happiness from the day:

  1. Waking up before the alarm goes off, and not having to get out of bed immediately.
  2. Looking down the hall at the early morning sun quite literally bursting out from behind the curtains and lighting the hallway.
  3. The icy bite of the cold as you step outside — a reminder of our human-ness — that we are feeling things, that we live in the body.
  4. Being educated.
  5. Being inspired.
  6. A cup of coffee (reliable).
  7. Fearing that something will go terribly and be a pain, and being proven otherwise.
  8. Human connection with a stranger.
  9. A bus ride home.
  10. Having time.
  11. Overcoming a technological challenge (all on your own, yes that’s right).
  12. Patience.
  13. Coming to the end of the day and finding yourself on a comfy couch.
  14. Knowing there is promise in tomorrow.


  1. Lovely day you’ve had! I enjoyed reading this format, and good choice not to include a picture. I am busy picturing the stranger, the streaming sunlight of the morning, and the comfy couch.

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