Friday Stillness

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As an apprentice teacher, full-time grad school student, and swim coach this year, life is pretty busy. There are some weekends where I have class from 8am – 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday, meaning that every once in a while the two work weeks are linked up by this very full working weekend. And last weekend was one of those weekends! So today, I am feeling extra happy that it is Friday, after a full 12 straight days of work. Yes, breathe. Life is good.

It is also snowing and it is March and I live in New England so this is the way of things. I felt frazzled this morning, trying to get my weary self to school, eat something, and carry a coffee and two bags in the snow, but I’m actually happy the snow is here. It continued all day, so that there is just a light coating on trees and fences and grassy lawns.

My apartment is up high — the third floor of a house — and while it meant that moving in was extra work, I love being up this high, above the treetops. I like to call it our treehouse, and it means that I get to look out on views like this one all the time. Happy Friday, friends and fellow Slicers. Cheers to a weekend of stillness or movement or whatever it is you need to reset and relax.




  1. We’ve had some snow here in Portland, Oregon this year. Unlike the northeast, where you are ready for it, we are not. An inch can throw the entire city into crisis mode!
    Your post made me a little bit homesick for a real, northeast winter.

  2. I’m glad for your weekend, too, and you’ve made it sound very peaceful there in your treehouse. The picture is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing a bit of your weekend. R & R coming!

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