For my previous job I had a 45 minute to hour-long commute to work everyday in the car. Granted, it was a reverse commute so traffic was never too terrible, and the route I took was through some neighborhoods and after two years, certainly had its familiar charms. Regardless, I am and always have been much more of “a nighttime person,” as in I am at my best later at night. This means that I am not a morning person, those first waking moments are a real struggle, without fail. The irony of this is that I hope to make teaching my life career, and we all know that teaching is the job that requires waking up early.

With this new year of teaching, my commute has become a new routine as well. Now I am much closer to work. I walk (or lightly jog depending on how soon the bus is coming) down to the end of my street and wait at the bus stop. I step on, I meaningfully navigate my spot on the bus, I notice the familiar faces — people both familiar now, and still total strangers — and I ride the bus several stops. I step off, and I walk a little under half a mile to school.

Morning Light

Most mornings I get there earlier than I anticipate. I’ve found that I love the quiet moments in the classroom before anyone else is there. For someone who dreads the morning, these early moments between sleep and non-stop human interaction are my negotiation, my time to settle, to ease into the day at my own pace. This time of morning is also my favorite time of light. Those early waking moments and also the very end of the day are my favorite — anytime the sun hovers close to the horizon and its long light stretches slowly. Usually, I don’t find myself awake early enough to see the golden hours of the morning, but it has become more regular recently, and I am grateful for that.

These photos are two images of the same house that just has the most lovely leafy shadows in the morning. I’ve taken the same photo twice, on two separate mornings. Time-wise, they couldn’t have been taken too far apart (somewhere between 7:15am – 7:45am), yet the difference in the color of the light is stunning. Maybe I am more of a morning person after all (at least once I get up out of bed).



  1. Love hearing about your early morning time, and the idea of taking the pictures on different days. The change in the light is certainly noticeable Thanks!

  2. I feel ya on the not being a morning person thing! My new school starts at 7:10am, as in kids are meant to be in class at 7:10! Such a change in my routine! No longer can I afford to be the night owl. If I’m not in bed by 8:30-9:00pm, I’m toast the next day!

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