On Fire.


Sky on fire. Brain on fire. 

I am feeling a little fired up tonight. A little ants-in-my-pants, I have a lot of things on my brain tonight feeling. I tend to do this in rhythms. If you have read some of my other posts or know me personally, I am in most cases a person of a pretty peaceful demeanor I would say. And then, as reliably as the waves crash back onto the shore, again and again and again, the crazy comes. That restless feeling, like I am so full of thoughts and questions and wonderings and worries that it is hard to feel like I am really even capable of sitting still in my own body.

Maybe this is the kid in me, and maybe this is why I’m a teacher. But when the restlessness comes, I just can’t shake it for it a little while. And so, armed with my Slice of Life blog and words to guide me, I am turning to writing tonight to try and process. I don’t have a theme or a particular musing or question. I am thinking about the purpose of this, this writing that we do — putting out thoughts into the techno-sphere (the cloud?!) to people we do not know, and yet it feels something like community. I am thinking about the love and effort we throw out into the world with radical hope, and I am thinking about what we are given back.

I am thinking about what it means to teach. How it feels like a constant itch — something I am always working towards, something that – when you catch it – feels so right. I am thinking about the value of teachers, how so many of us are women, what it would have meant, what message it would have sent if all of the women who are teachers walked out today in solidarity with International Women’s Day.

So many thoughts, dear brain. Take a break please. It will all be alright.

Let’s keep the sky afire instead, for now.



  1. There might have been a message sent by all teachers, women that is, today. Keep being on fire. I suspect it helps to firm up what you believe.

  2. I, too, get like this sometimes…it helps to write. Something about allowing your meandering thoughts space helps you process. Hope it did that for you today.

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