Squeezing By


Well it’s almost midnight, I have been in class for nine hours today, and I have a goofy, heavily mustached, heart-warming dog named Louis nosing his way in front of the screen of my computer. And yet, I am determined to get my Slice of Life post in before that midnight strikes! Funny how an external motivator makes it so much easier to write everyday and makes me so much more determined to.

Today was busy, cold, and busy. Did I mention it was busy? As I have mentioned in an earlier post, in a year of grad school, student teaching, coaching, and being human, there are moments where it feels like there is not a minute in the day to waste. Today was one of those days. So, in the harried last moments of the evening, my musing of the day is on the following — a simple chicken salad sandwich, a simple sandwich-y trip down memory lane.

Folks, I present you with the Potbelly’s sandwich. Crispy bread, buttery, melted provolone, peppery chicken salad… yes, the Potbelly’s sandwich is a melding of that incredible sandwich-y moment (balance of salty, mmm mmm flavors), but in actuality, it is most likely not a truly remarkable sandwich, and more for me at this point, a trip down memory lane. Potbelly’s Sandwiches were a go-to in our house growing up, a regular fixture, a quirky food-centric tradition.


What I find most remarkable when I bite into that sandwich is the familiarity in the taste — the sensory overload present in a bite that transports me back years. And so I say, on this late Saturday evening, thank you to the sandwich and its reliability. You are comfort.


  1. Isn’t it great how some of the most simplest things in life offer us such comfort? I’ve never heard of a Potbelly’s, but you make me wish we had one. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love how foods bring back memories…love that your sandwich did just that today! I, too, love the deadline of the SOL. It forces me to write. Every day for 31 days. It’s lovely!!

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