Truly the Little Things

Soft lines, your deep fade
Color traces memories
Exquisite, red leaf


For today’s Slice of Life post, I decided to try out a writing activity I learned of (just today!) from a fellow teacher. In it, she explained, students are asked to look at microscopic images of different things found in the natural world. Then, they write a haiku. The first two lines are impressions of what the students think they are seeing – guesses, meditations, a lyric expression of perspective. Then the third line reveals what the actual object is. I was intrigued by this lesson and the ways in which it asks students to connect science and writing through perspective.

And what is writing really, if not a perpetual exercise in perspective?

I love the idea of this writing prompt as an excuse to look extremely closely at something and then, in that bizarre extreme closeness, to imagine a story based on that new perspective. How does perspective change when we zoom in or zoom out? How does the story vary?

When does a leaf or a flower or the dust in the corner become something entirely different than a leaf or a flower or just the dust in the corner?

That is a slice of my Friday. And on that note – dear weekend, hello, good to see you.

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