Slice of Life

Dear world,

I feel the only place to start is to pick off where I left off, several years ago — and so I find myself again posting thoughts and words into that great internet ether. And so I find myself at another beginning.


Writing for me has always been a way of processing the world. When I was 12 and wrote stories and poetry. When I was an English and Creative Writing major in college. Words have always been something special. They start first as disparate flecks of speech, particles of small meaning, and in the hands of the writer (who, by the way, is everyone and anyone), combine to make something incredibly beautiful. Sometimes words convey something terrible, sometimes they convey joy, but I am always impressed by their power.

Today I am starting the Slice of Life challenge, a writing challenge where participants write something every day for the entire month of March, post it to the Two Writing Teachers blog, and comment on three other participants musings. The purpose of this challenge is simply to encourage daily writing, to encourage us to act upon that writing urge, to spend time sitting in the slices of life.

In a year of crazy, as I work towards a masters degree, apprentice teach, swim coach, and attempt to stay in touch with friends and family, I am incredibly grateful for this gentle push to return to something that helps me process the world.

Yes, I am grateful for that invitation.



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