100 Days

I think it is safe to say I have an obsession with the little beautiful things. That is, after all, what this blog is named after, and as we all know I have spent a fair amount of time thinking and writing and taking pictures of small pieces of my everyday life and sharing them with you (whether you asked for that picture of my breakfast sandwich or not). IMG_4349
So when I stumbled across the 100happydays project, which some of you may have heard of already, I was extremely excited. In case you haven’t heard about it yet, let me tell you. 100happydays challenges you to post a picture of something that makes your day a little brighter in some way, every single day for 100 days. Pretty self-explanatory.

The impetus for this idea? It’s been proven that if we take a moment to notice the little things, to point out something small (even amidst all the negative) that makes us happy, we will BE happier people on a day-to-day basis. By focusing on the small beauties we are taking control of our happiness. IMG_4341
Since, let’s be real, this year has had its fair share of unhappy moments, and since I am a TOTAL cheeseball and love this kind of stuff, I obviously signed up right away. The website emphasizes that this challenge is for you and not a “showing off contest”. But again, I feel like I’ve already shared a whole lot of me with a whole lot of you.

So here we go. 100 happy days. Come join me. Continue to follow along with the blog or on Instagram (lwalpuck). Maybe even start your own 100happydays challenge.

In the meantime, you know what to expect from me. More photos of tasty looking sandwiches. IMG_4342
Moments by the water.
Or a handful of dangerously addicting mini-Cadbury eggs.IMG_4373

So here we go, dear friends and readers. Here’s to day one. IMG_4378

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