Month: February 2014

Knowing nothing at all (or another meditation on cheese and books)

Mail is a very exciting thing in our house. The mail slot opens, we can hear thick envelopes sliding through and onto the floor and one of us rushes over. Unfortunately, most of the mail we get is bills (naturally), but there is the odd letter from a friend or package that we had ordered. The other day, a very dear friend of mine sent me a package and receiving it was all the more exciting because it was unexpected – Michael Paterniti’s new book, The Telling Room: A Tale of Love, Betrayal, Revenge, and the World’s Greatest Piece of Cheese. 

I have already made it quite clear on this blog that I like books a lot and I like cheese a lot. Sorry for beating you over the head with these pieces of information about my weird obsessions. They’re just important to point out again because the note that came with this book said quite simply, “whenever you get lonely, remember that you always have cheese and you always have books”.
Let me back up a little. Since today is February 2nd I graduated from college about 7 months ago. We are a little over the halfway point. And for some reason, there is something about the month of January that has made this one the toughest month for me since graduating. I alternate back and forth between “green-monster-woe-is-me-I-live-in-a-black-pit-of-despair” and the much more reasonable “everything-will-be-okay” forms of myself regularly. It feels sometimes like a transformation.

As a result of all this, this blog has somehow turned into this weird pseudo online diary of my life where I try to talk about how great sandwiches are and the things I care about and the things I’ve learned. When I started out, I thought it had to be about something in particular — about cooking or fashion or some combination of things. In fact, since starting I’ve worried that this blog doesn’t really have enough direction, or even really a point because the posts I write are generally about whatever I feel like writing in that moment.

And then a couple of people told me that my blog really was just about not knowing what I’m doing and that that’s exactly what they liked about it. So there it was was. I realized that I may not have anything new or wise or helpful to offer but I can say, hello.

My name is Leah. I like cheese, I like sandwiches. I think an egg is sometimes really beautiful. IMG_3862IMG_3873
I am lonely sometimes and most of the time I don’t really know what I’m doing either. Come join me and revel in this feeling and know that sometimes we are all lonely and lost. It’s just the truth. The most simple truth really.

So now, (thank you Rosie) I will remember when I feel alone that I always have cheese and I always have books, those little things that make me happy. Because after all, it is the little things that keep us afloat in those most dire sinking situations isn’t it? IMG_3185
PS – Sorry for the randomly interspersed nature pictures from a hike we did a couple weekends ago. It was like walking into a snow globe and they were too beautiful not to share.