Beautiful Things: Weekend Hikes

I never thought I would end up going to school in a small town in Maine. I never thought I would fall in love with Maine and its crispness, the way you can practically bite into the air. There were so many days in college where I was stressed out or in my head or just surrounded by too many cloudy thoughts and voices and needed a form of release. Luckily, every time I needed that alone time, Maine took me into its open arms gladly. All I had to do was walk outside, make my way up the hills, and cross through the trees.IMG_2983After spending so much time in such a beautiful place, I understood how important getting outside was to my general happiness and mental stability. This realization was not something novel or unheard of — I like to think that all of us still have that natural instinct, that pulling urge to be outdoors. To live simply (even if just for an hour). To reset.

Portland, Oregon knows this. The gorge spills through the city. Dive under a bridge and you will find Forest Park coating downtown in green and only 30 minutes of driving will take you to some incredible hikes.

We all know it’s somewhere in our DNA.IMG_2973IMG_2985IMG_2976IMG_2995
Do a beautiful thing and get outside.