Beautiful Things: Saturday Portland Market


Is there anyone who can honestly say they don’t enjoy a good market? I realize I come from a family of old-thing-collectors, estate-sale lovers, and farmstand queens and therefore may be slightly biased, but everything about a good market calls to me.


Markets take life and strip it down to its most simplified, natural, and organic form. The fresh produce you find at a farmers market is so much more exciting to pick out and gratifying to eat. You learn about weird kinds of cauliflower and which vegetables come with which season. At a market where different artists and makers are selling their crafts you get to learn about the time and the work that went into making this homemade thing that you are taking with you.

There is so much more meaning imbued in every product you pick up at a market. And then of course there are also the tents selling cheap graphic tees or weird knick knacks but you even appreciate those for what they are as well. The wool knit hats, the photos for sale, the falafel wraps, and the international spices are all a part of the eclectic market smorgasbord.


Dangerously heavenly smelling almonds.


Hand-woven and dyed beautiful wool rugs. The color in his hand is made from crushed beetles and lime juice.


Handmade books with incredible bindings.