Beautiful Things: Summers (and sunsets) in Maine

I do love Maine. Even the winters up until a point. When it is March 18th and 9 degrees outside and the weather forecast is telling you it is supposed to snow 4-6 inches tomorrow however, would be that point. This is the time where we all start to get anxious for warmer weather. And since it has been particularly cold these past several days, I thought looking back to some warmer times was in order.


Ah, yes. There we go. Nothing like some summer sunsets in Maine to make you nostalgic. This one was taken from Chebeague Island in Casco Bay, not far from Portland.IMG_8039Summers in Maine are particularly extraordinary. I think it is because they are ruggedly beautiful — the rougher, rockier earth and trees complement the over-the-top beauty of the sunrises and sunsets. There’s lobster. It’s warmer than it is in winter but never as stiflingly hot and humid as it gets in DC.IMG_8040And when you’re near the water, it’s even more wonderful.IMG_8055

IMG_8904Friends in Maine when we came up early before the start of school and spent a couple days at Rosie’s house in Cape Elizabeth.IMG_8939The view from her porch. Not bad, eh?IMG_8945

IMG_9024And now it’s looking like we’re supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow. Oh, Maine.

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