She’s back.

So its been a while. After taking the “big leap” and finally actually starting a blog in January, I have since dropped off the radar, and once you take some time away, it takes a while to come back. I am going to attribute my lengthy disappearance to the following factors:

1) The end of my long, long swimming career.


Yes that is me. Yes those are my abnormally large muscles that come at the end of a long five months of training and a short three weeks of rest period before our championship meet. Yes that suit is tighter and smaller than it looks. Yes it does take about 30 minutes to get it on the first time.

Many people know that swimming is a particularly bizzare sport (why would someone swim back and forth so many times looking at the same black line?), but the truth is, even if we are a bunch of weirdos who spend a ridiculous amount of time in tiny suits peeing in the pool, there is quite possibly nothing else in my 21 years that has had such a monumental impact on my life.

Needless to say, the end was quite emotional. I think at some points I may have even used the word “mental” to describe how I was feeling.

2. Colby’s Birthday Party.


She was turning 200 so it had to be a celebration for the books. Fireworks. Streamers. A giant cake. Obama. Parades. Photobooths. Performances. Poetry recitations. Happy birthday midnight chants. The preparation for the big day and the aftermath of all the celebrations certainly took it out of me.

3. Poetry, poetry, poetry.


This semester I am taking three classes: 1) my thesis – where I write poetry and read poetry by my peers and contemporary published writers; 2) my senior seminar – where I read romantic poetry by Keats and Coleridge and will memorize 200 lines of their poetry by the end of the semester; and 3) teaching poetry – where I am learning how to teach poetry to fourth and fifth graders in Waterville schools.

Most moments I am melting inside due to happiness from all of the poetry that I am literally swimming in (heh heh see what I did there?). This semester has reinforced my belief that everyone should be reading more poetry because it makes us more engaged and more aware of our connections with ourselves, with each other, and with the world. And how incredible a thing is that?

4. General senior spring insanity and sense of impending doom.


How does one leave a place this beautiful? I waver between feeling such passion for the things I am learning and then feeling burnt out on academics. I make lists and feel accomplished and then I realize the amount of things to do and I feel overwhelmed.

I waver from day-to-day between panic about the prospect of leaving a home that has given me so much and that has become so engrained in who I am, and between excitement at the prospects of life after school. This will be the first time in our lives that the next thing is not mapped out for us. This is why I am considering working on a sheep farm for a brief six month stint in New Zealand with my friend Carly, because why not?

So here I go again. Maybe this second go-around will be a more successful and consistent attempt at blogging. One can only hope. See ya around folks.

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