Food = Love

Yesterday, a couple friends and I escaped to Portland for the day. We have been lucky over our four years to have a good friend who calls Cape Elizabeth (a beautiful waterfront town just outside of Portland) home. We are luckier still that Rosie and her family always welcome us into their home with open arms and a truly incredible spread of home-cooked food.


I know I am always in good company at the Wennberg household because they are also diehard foodies. They believe in buying locally. In a wholesome meal. They believe that good food shared by good friends is a certain kind of love.



Scratch: heaven’s bagels.



The works.


Bagel with cream cheese and homemade herb jelly.


IMG_0371Rosie and her sister Lily.

Every time I walk out of the Wennberg household (I should basically be rolled out of there I have gorged myself so completely) I feel a certain warmth knowing that I have this home away from home to come back to.

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