Breathe Light Bloom Slow

Januarys on the hill are pretty special. Colby’s unique Jan Plan requires that students be on campus for three Januarys over the course of their four years here. Jan Plan is an opportunity for students to fill requirements (hence my exploration into very unfamiliar territory with “Volcanoes and Volcanology” my sophomore year), take new and quirky classes, or travel to California, India, or Cuba.

Because of swimming, I have been lucky enough to be on campus for all four of my Jan Plans, and although most people would not jump at the opportunity to be on a small college campus in the freezing cold tundra of Maine, there is a kind of beauty that exists here.


The sunset over Johnson Pond.


Golden hours.


There is beauty amidst the snow drifts, the icy sidewalks, and the 4pm sunsets that is quite unlike anything else. Because the darkness comes so much earlier this time of year, it’s as if the light during the day is amplified.


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